MediaWiki Application

MediaWiki is an open wiki software protected by the GNU license. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL or PostgreSQL relational database management system. MediaWiki; Since version 1.7, PHP 5 support is required. If you are using an older version of PHP you will have to use MediaWiki version 1.6.10.
At first MediaWiki was developed for Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia, but later it became the most widely used wiki software. Today, all Wikimedia Foundation projects, all sites hosted on Wikia, and many other wikis are used.
It is also used by companies for corporate information management or content management purposes. The largest example is Novell, which manages its publicly-large sites with this system (changes are publicly closed).
How do I install Theme & Module?

  • Through the WinSCP Program, connect to your server with your root user using the SCP protocol
  • Log in to the /var/www/ html folder.
  • Upload the Module or Template you want to upload into the relevant folder.

How can I manage the MySQL database?

  • First run this command on the ssh screen so that phpMyAdmin access is opened to the outside

sed -i -e ‘s/#Require all granted/Require all granted/g’ /etc/httpd/conf.d/phpMyAdmin.conf && service httpd restart

  • Log in to http://ipadress/phpmyadmin
  • Type in your username in root, in Password, your server in /var/www/html/mysqlDefaultPassword.
  • Select MediaWiki Databases on incoming page
  • You can do the SQL operations that you want to do here.


  • As a first step when you are connected to the server, run the “mysql_secure_installation” command and update your MySQL root password.
  • Enter the current password in the /var/www/html/mysqlDefaultPassword file

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